EasyGuide is intended to bring benefits for the communities in Calarasi and Silistra long after its completion. The project is intended to bring benefits long after its completion. It is planned to operate and continue attracting tourists exponentially due to its modern, cutting-edge characteristics. The latter would be updated on a regular basis to ensure content relevance in the long run. The user-friendly concept and its uniqueness will keep the public interest. Once properly advertised through various marketing channels, its popularity would grow with an avalanche effect, triggered also by “word-of-mouth”.
The main objective of the current project is the sustainable use of natural and cultural heritage in the cross-border region. Its positive effects will be multiplied also due to the opportunities created for supplementary services and products, other integrated tourist attractions. Offering a common service on both sides of the Danube River, it will encourage boat tours, combined overnight stays, integrated guided tours, etc.
The joint initiatives will generate cultural, historic, social and economic exchanges, contributing to a wider dissemination of results. Thus the project will also lead to improved economic relations, transport communication channels, growth of supplementary tourist services (accommodation, travel, translation, etc.). This would ensure value added and synergy affects not only for the participating parties and regions, but on a larger scale.
A crucial success key factor is the continuous support of key stakeholders, including local public authorities and non-government organizations. Their role would be to promote the innovative EasyGuide and facilitate supplementary infrastructural and integrated product developments. The management plan developed will serve as a basis for building larger-scale strategies and policies involving authorities from both sides of the river.

Both project beneficiaries have stated their willingness to support the project after its completion. SM, being the project’s Lead beneficiary and initiator, is determined to take all necessary steps to ensure the project sustainability. SM will maintain the maintain the digital displays and develop the virtual museum and mobile app, ensuring their update and expansion. This process will be fully supported by the Romanian partner.
Having proved its efficiency, EasyGuide provides many opportunities for future upgrade. The scope of objects and the regions covered by the digital environment may be increased. Targeted mobile apps and additional services could be elaborated (audio guided tours, routes of interest, etc.). A free Wi-Fi network on selected sites may be developed to expand the use of the initial interactive environment package.
The project is intended to become a best practice in the region and be adopted by other areas in the countries. It will also provide opportunities for integrating the virtual museum as part of the digitalized European cultural heritage. Thus the project will ensure integrated and sustainable development of the common cultural and natural heritage not only in the cross-border area, but nations- and Europe-wide.

Management plan Easy Guide